Dear Microsoft: absolutely not.

Monica thank you thank you thank you – said it a lot in the 70s needs to be said every decade!!!
And I’m writing on FB about viagra commercials every 5 minutes -Bless you💖 oh and you most likely need this🍸or more🍸🍸🍸

monica byrne

And it has nothing to do with your software. It has to do with your new ad campaign, which I happened to see while I was at the gym last week. Here’s the gist: brilliant young girls express their ambitions to cure cancer and explore outer space and play with the latest in virtual reality tech. Then—gotcha!—they’re shown a statistic that only 6.7% of women graduate with STEM degrees. They look crushed. The tagline? “Change the world. Stay in STEM.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

Microsoft, where’s your ad campaign telling adult male scientists not to rape their colleagues in the field? Where’s the campaign telling them not to steal or take credit for women’s work? Or not to seriallysexuallyharasstheirstudents? Not to discriminate against them? Not to ignoredismiss, or fail to promote them at the same rate as men? Not to publish their work at a statistically…

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after years of doodling, painting, drawing & photographing irises I learned they were my grandfather's favorite flower - codyrachel is a mixing of my great-grandmothers' names all of the above from my Mom's family - I heard the combination "codyrachel" I knew it should be my name! Now if my grandfather would only free me up to paint something else!
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